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A sign-up sheet for social trips is created

Please go to the social trips web page at your earliest convenience to sign-up for the available trip options. This is very important because after the end of March, we will decide to cancel those social trip options which have not attracted a sufficient amount of attention.

As is the custom, we will have an optional social trip after lunch on Friday, the 9th of April.

This year, we wanted to try a new system. We will have 2 or 3 social trips in parallel and you will be able to attend the trip of your choice. However, we have 5 social trip options available, which are all composed of guided tours of various tourist areas and historic parts of Istanbul.  There is a minimum amount of attendees which will make these trips feasible. Therefore, we will cancel those trips that do not attract a sufficient amount of people. So, we have prepared a web page where you will be asked to provide two social trip options that you would like to attend, in decreasing order of preference. This web page will be available until the end of March, after which date, we will decide on the social trips to cancel.

Please go to the social trips link to indicate your preferences.