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Hagia Sophia Museum and Grand Bazaar Tour

ROUTE: Sultanahmet Square by coach - Hagia Sophia Museum - Grand Bazaar by coach - Grand Bazaar - Return coach to Taksim Square.

Hagia Sophia Museum (Ayasofya)

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The Basilica of Hagia Sophia is unquestionably one of the finest buildings of all time. This museum was built in A.D. 532 – 537 as a cathedral by Constantine the Great and reconstructed by Justinian. In 1453, Fatih Sultan Mehmet changed it to a mosque and now it is a museum. It is the world’s oldest cathedral and was built in five years; the dome is the fourth biggest cathedral dome (55 meters above ground with a diameter of 31 meters). For 1500 years, it has been a place of prayer.

Grand Bazaar

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The Kapalıçarşı or Covered Bazaar, in the old city, is  an ancient, closed market. The inside is like a large labyrinth with approximately sixty streets and 4000 or more shops. The main street contains jewellery shops and on a side street gold shops. One can also find many shops which sell carpets, ceramic, onyx and leather goods.

Approximate price: 25 Euros per person