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The o-paque project aims at providing a set of tools useful to solve the cutting stock problem using both heuristic and genetic approaches.

Two main similar services are offered by o-paque. The first service takes a list of available bins and a list of needed items, and returns an arrangement, i.e. the "best" way to accommodate items into bins. This service is the bare cutting stock problem. The second service takes in input an additional parameter indicating the standard bin size. Again, the resulting arrangement gives the "best" way to accommodate items into bins, but this time it is assumed the availability of as many standard bins as needed, in order to possibly accommodate all the items. Note that in case the standard bin size is greater than all the items, a complete arrangement does always exist (i.e. all the items will be placed into a bin). Moreover, in case the input bins are an empty set, this service ends up to solve a bin packing problem.

  1. Just items and bins
  2. Items, bins, and infinite standard bins