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Open Beagle

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A versatile EC framework

Open BEAGLE is a C++ Evolutionary Computation (EC) framework. It provides an high-level software environment to do any kind of EC, with support for tree-based genetic programming; bit string, integer-valued vector, and real-valued vector genetic algorithms; and evolution strategy.

The Open BEAGLE architecture follows strong principles of object oriented programming, where abstractions are represented by loosely coupled objects and where it is common and easy to reuse code. Open BEAGLE is designed to provide an EC environment that is generic, user friendly, portable, efficient, robust, elegant and free.


  • Modern C++ programming approach
  • Sophisticated logging mechanism with output in XML
  • Parameters and algorithms dynamically configurable by files
  • Generic representation of the algorithms using a plug-in mechanism
  • Milestone mechanism for evolution recovery and results analysis
  • Many predefined operators
  • Generational, steady-state, (mu,lambda), and (mu+lambda) replacement strategies
  • Complete evolution statistics
  • Multiobjective optimization (currently NSGA-II and NPGA2)
  • Population seeding from file
  • GA framework (linear representations)
  • GP framework
  • Co-evolution framework